Dumb Buoys Fishing Club

Dumb Buoys Fishing Club is the brainchild of London-based artists and producers DanDlion and Havelock

Seeking a home for music that was entirely adrift from their personal lives and ongoing solo work, Dumb Buoys instead sought unfamiliar waters; reeling in collaborators like BROCKHAMPTON’s Merlyn and joe unknown along the way, with early statement singles ‘FORMULA’, ‘FORTUNE TELLER’, and ‘SKELETON TOWN'.

Amidst the surreal storytelling and guerilla, early-2000s aesthetic, there is more to Dumb Buoys Fishing Club than mere mischief: their passions range from sustainability and environmentalism to shining a light on the depleted fishing communities in which their upcoming project was brought to chaotic, compelling life. Vibrant, unorthodox but expertly executed, Dumb Buoys Fishing Club is designed as an open invitation for any misfits to likewise be themselves, and jump on board.

Their debut album WRECKED is out now.

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