Gravity was founded as a management company in 2013, initially dedicated to writers & producers.

Through a shared taste in music and skillsets we believed could apply elsewhere, we quickly extended our client base to artists, and for over a decade Gravity has managed a wide range of music clients.

The central focus of Gravity is to develop sustainable careers and long-lasting legacies for our roster, working collaboratively to realise their vision both domestically and on an international scale.

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We have developed a structure at Gravity to help our talent succeed. We expand opportunity and hone potential, helping to define the careers of not just our own clients, but of those who become involved with Gravity’s roster.

The role of a manager has changed significantly over the past decade. A modern day campaign requires our attention across the fundamental aspects of traditional management, but also now all A&R, marketing and sales conversations, both domestically and on an international scale. By being so inexorably linked to every facet of a label campaign the movze to records has become a natural next step for Gravity. Communication is paramount. We have seen first hand, especially in a post-Covid world, the gaps that can form in label campaigns with so many moving parts.
Our team knows how to resolve and fill those gaps. The communication and attention to detail we can bring into a label situation is an extension of how we operate as a management team. Artists are taking more control over their creative vision than ever before. Being able to manage and market that, from infancy to global campaigns, is a delicate process - one where patience and strategy are needed in equal measure, and that is something Gravity delivers. We believe there should never be an excuse to not fulfil an artist’s potential.